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Monitor, access and download insurance rate,
rule & form filings for all lines of business and
from all US jurisdictions. Learn More.

Digital Library Apps

Manage digital archives for competitor filings,
manual libraries and custom research projects.
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Competitor Finance Apps

Generate template and custom reports for
competitor rate changes, financial statement data
and market information. Learn More.

Business Intelligence Apps

Enhance business intelligence with apps for
aggregating competitor filing documents and
industry filing statistics. Learn More.

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RateFilings.com subscriptions are available in
Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions.
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Data Export Tools
Proactive Alerting Technology

Data Export Tools

Export any data set associated with your
account for integration with proprietary reports and external systems.

Proactive Alerting Technology

Use proactive alerting technology to notify you
when new filings of interest become available or
when digital libraries are updated.

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